Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Wonderful Vacation

My mom has been busy planning our summer vacation. This year will be so much fun. My cousins Sydnee and Jack, my friends Kristen and Christopher , and their two little cousins will all be in Hilton Head at the same time as us.
I thought I would show you our pictures from the beach last year. Kirsten and Christopher's family and ours stayed together. We had fun.
We went to Chattanooga, and saw my favorite teacher, Mrs Downs. I got to hold Maribelle. She is sooooo cute.
Only 66 more schools days! Yes, Austin and I are counting down.

My Beach Vacation

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Visiting My Grandparents in Tennessee

This is some of the fun things that I get to do at my Nanna and Papaw's house in Tennessee. My favorite would be playing with my BFF Cousin Bailee. We have so ooo much fun.

Our Nanna gave us a special Tea Party, I will always remember how special it made me feel. We even wore her shoes.I love taking rides with Papaw with his horse
and buggy. My favorite horse is "Ed". Someday I will have a horse ranch of my own.

My brother and I caught fish at Christmas Time. There is lots to do, write and tell me the fun things you do at your grandparents. TTYL!!!

The Great SleepOver...........

What a fun night in Oct. when my brother and I had a sleepover with 22 of our friends. We had so much fun!! We played silly games, and then ate a ton of food. At midnight, my mom sent us on a scavender hunt. We searched for all sorts of stuff , the fun part 0f the hunt was riddles with a clue for something brown and long. The next thing you know, someone by the name of Austin brings in abig LOG inside of the building....what a mess!
When we all settled down, we watched the movie, The Shaggy Dog. We all fell asleep, and awoke to a face full of BUTTER , my brother, Austin said that was good face cream. My mom and Mrs. Krystal fixed us a wonderful breakfast with pancakes and bacon.
I'm not sure if my mom is ready, but I'm ready for another fun night!!